About ISC Consulting Engineers

We offer independent consultancy in 5 areas: Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Buildings, Industry, and Infrastructure.

Being innovative and thorough are the cornerstones of how we do things. Our goal is to create technically and environmentally appropriate solutions that meet our customers’ requirements and follow the development and goals of the local community.

Who are we?

We are a family-owned engineering company that helps our clients through innovative engineering every day.

Our unique and professional competencies as engineers make us a preferred consultant in areas such as offshore wind energy, oil and gas, buildings, industry and infrastructure.

With branch offices in all parts of Denmark, we have a wide geographical span.

Our history

54 years of efficiency, expansion, and commitment

It all started in 1967 with ISC’s founder, civil engineer Kjeld Thomsen. Since then, ISC’s development has been steadily increasing. From the first office located at Nørrebrogade 26 with three employees to today where ISC employs more than 230 employees located in eight locations in Denmark.

The same growth applies to the various disciplines in which ISC offers consulting. Here, it started with pioneering efforts within consultancy of steel structures, where ISC now offers a wide range of consulting services.


ISC today

Today, ISC is a leading engineering company that provide advising in the markets of wind energy, construction, infrastructure, oil & gas and industry.

Increasingly growth in the wind energy sector

ISC has designed half of all substations for offshore wind farms in Europe.

ISC celebrates its 50th anniversary

In this context founder Kjeld Thomsen publishes a personal anniversary book about the company’s long history.

The award goes to...

For the 5th time, ISC wins the European steel award “Design Award for Advanced Design and Steel Structures”, for the engineering work carried out on the Sundsvall bridge, located in Sweden.

Pioneers within offshore wind energy

ISC designs the first substation for the Danish wind farm, Nysted Offshore Wind Farm.

ISC receives new patent award

ISC receives the first patent award in Denmark for the design of the Space-X hub assembly for pipe constructions, which was used at Copenhagen Airport.

Offshore Pioneers

Pioneers as the first Danish consultants within oil & gas in the Danish North Sea. Consulting on The Dan Bravo Living Quarters.

Technical expertise within Electrical and HVAC

Electrical and HVAC activities became a part of ISC’s core competencies.

ISC founded

Civil engineer Kjeld Thomsen founded ISC Consulting Engineers A/S, with headquarter located at Nørrebrogade 26, Copenhagen.


Financial key figures

Selected financial figures - Mill DKK202120202019
Net revenue sales208195218
Operating profit20516
Equity end year ISC Consulting Engineers A/S1018495
Total assets ISC Consulting Engineers A/S244235263
Avg. number of employees204220228
CVR. no.: 26340713
Bank: Nordea
Corporate Center Copenhagen
Vesterbrogade 8
0900 København C

ISC Consulting Engineers A/S

We are a leading engineering company who offers consulting services within different engineering disciplines. We are specialized in the areas of renewable energy, infrastructure, buildings, oil & gas and industry.


Today, we have more than 230 employees, where nearly 70% of them are engineers.

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Branch Offices

We have 8 branches in 7 cities in Denmark with headquarters in Copenhagen.

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Since the companys was founded, we have been involved in more than 1000 projects globally.

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