The Dan Bravo platform rationalization concept is to deman the Dan Bravo Complex (achieve unmanned platform status) in order to reduce/avoid the number of upcoming replacement and maintenance tasks.

Processing systems on the platforms have been minimized to fit the new operation mode; incl. areas such as separation, flaring, fuel gas, power, communication and utility systems. The overall concept is to reduce OPEX and increase platform lifetime.

ISC MC&C department has developed completion management planning for offshore execution, shutdown and start-up activities. The planning reduces the shutdown time and thereby increases production from the field throughout the installation phases, also to make sure that the installation and start-up goes as planned according to operational safings and start-ups.

In the process ISC MC&C has created installation test sheets, handover certificates, prepared construction work orders, work order documentation packages and developed commissioning/start-up procedures.

  • Completion and commissioning coordinator.
  • Create completion management plan with boundary
  • Participate in completion and commissioning planning
  • Set up completion management software.
  • Create work order for construction contractor in
    alignment with completion management plan.
  • Create construction work order documentation.
  • Create Commissioning & start-up procedures with
    boundary drawings.
  • Offshore supervisor on site.

Supplementary Information

Dan Bravo is the first oil and gas production field in the Danish sector of the North Sea. The Dan Bravo field was discovered in the ‘70s and is located app. 200 km (125 miles) west of Esbjerg. Dan Bravo has been in production since 1972, but with the process of this prolonging project, the platform’s life is extended until 2042. Typically, operation life for an offshore platform is limited to 25 years.

Alex Peter Søndergaard

Alex Søndergaard

VP Offshore Oil & Gas
Peter Seielstad Nielsen

Peter Seielstad Nielsen

Business Development