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Frederiks Bridge – Hillerød


The Frederiks Bridge is located in the new residential area called “The Frederiks Bridge quarter” close to Hillerød center, which is being built. The 300 meter long bridge is a combined bicycle and pedestrian bridge.

The bridge is constructed in two parts, parted around the center by an interlocked expansion joint, securing expansion between the two parts during transfer of deadload. The bridge which is 5 meter wide has a varied length profile, some straight parts with a constant length gradient as well as a curved part over Herredvejen. The bridge has straight and curved parts in the horizontal level as well.

ISC will carry out design proposals and detailed design for the steel bridge and columns and detailed design of lifting and assembly plan and drawings for the bridge production in the steel workshop.

Design and erection of the bridge will be carried out in 2020-2021.

Illustrations: Holscher Nordberg