Sustainable energy for Taiwan

The Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm will consist of several wind turbines and two substations that can generate 532 MW and 512 MW of sustainable power. Combined, the substations will produce more than 1 GW of clean wind power for Taiwanese households. The Hai Long Offshore Wind Project marks the beginning of a new chapter in sustainable energy production in Taiwan, where wind conditions are optimal for offshore wind farms.

Full detailed design

We have carried out the full detailed design of the topside of the two substations. The substations will each weigh 2800 tons and be placed at a water depth of 27-31 meters. 

General description of the project

The Hai Long project consists of wind farms No. 2 and No. 3. The offshore wind farm is located 40-50 kilometers from the Changhua coast, Taiwan. The location is ideal for an offshore wind farm since the wind conditions here are among the best in the world. The project is expected to be done in 2026.

ISC is partnering with Semco Maritime and PTSC M&C in carrying out the project.

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