The project comprises a swimming stadium with 50×25 meters pool, grandstand, an education and play pool and a physical therapy pool.

The sports village will also have a multi-arena comprising 2 handball courts with spectator seats as well as mobile seats. There will be a racket arena for badminton, tennis, squash, table tennis and mobile spectator seats.

Moreover, there will be soccer facilities with 6 soccer courts – two 7 player courts, four 5-player courts, two artificial courts and a stadium with room for 300 seated spectators as well as a show court surrounded by an athletic track.

There will also be a health center with five workout rooms in various sizes, a treatment room, online room etc. An adjoining foyer with storage facilities for café, kitchen, wardrobe, reception and goods delivery facilities.

ISC will be carrying out the design of rain and sewer from the buildings as well as the parking area, statical documentation and the design of concrete structures and surveillance.