17. September 2021

ISC at the forefront of offshore wind in New Zealand

Interest for offshore wind is increasing in New Zealand – and ISC is involved from the beginning. A handful of dedicated ISC employees are working to promote offshore wind energy in New Zealand from their Wellington office.

With a target to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050, demand for sustainable energy in New Zealand keeps growing. Offshore wind energy is now on the table as a real opportunity to help decarbonisation, as demonstrated and discussed at the 2020 Offshore Wind Forum, the first such event in New Zealand.

Our office in Wellington follows closely the trends in the offshore wind market and engages with stakeholders and developers looking to establish a thriving and sustainable offshore wind industry in New Zealand. The effort has resulted in ISC and partners Semco Maritime being awarded a conceptual study of offshore infrastructure by a local developer for one of the first proposed offshore wind farms in New Zealand.

This is an exciting opportunity for ISC, keen on providing consultancy services from the very early stages of offshore wind development in emerging markets and especially “down under”.