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New foundation for test bench designed

Frecon Testbænk Foto: Blaest

For the past 40 years, we have specialized in the design of static, dynamic and fatigue-affected foundations. Over the years, we have designed more than 50 substantial land-based foundations for engines, turbines and now a foundation for a new test bench for testing wind turbine blades.

About the project

Great forces are at stake right now when the design for a new test bench for more than 100 m long wind turbine blades is taking place.
The wings, weighing up to 50 tons, must be tested with static and fatigue loads. This challenges the foundation design to a great extent and places demands on e.g. prestressing of the cross-sections.

The foundation and the test bench are both placed in an existing hall at Blade Test Center A/S in Aalborg, where tests are performed daily on various wing types of varying sizes on already existing smaller test stands.

ISC designs the foundation and FRECON A/S develops the test bench itself together with Blade Test Center A/S.

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Read more about the project here (danish).

Photo: Blaest