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Power-to-Hydrogen: Production & Storage

We have entered an agreement with Strandmøllen A/S regarding the establishment of a plant for hydrogen production and hydrogen storage in Ljungby, Southern Sweden. The project will be assigned as a total engineering consultancy project. The hydrogen plant will supplement Strandmöllen AB’s other Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon production at the Swedish branch’s existing facilities in […]

Avedøre Power Plant

Avedøreværket Blok 1 pågår i årene 2018 til 2023 en levetidsforlængelse for at sikre produktion af varme og el indtil 2033.


We create value through innovative long-term and sustainable solutions for our customers and society.

Tons Steel

Has been used in the last 2 years to construct projects made from our design.

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For Everything

We use design in 3D and with intelligent BIM design in all phases of the project. By doing so, the risk of complicated interfaces is reduced to benefit all parties.

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We have 8 branches in 7 cities in Denmark with headquarters in Copenhagen.

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