Commercial-Scale Offshore Hydrogen Platform

RWE, a global leader in offshore wind and a leading supplier of renewables worldwide, joined forces with ISC to develop a detailed conceptual design for a commercial-scale offshore hydrogen production platform. The offshore hydrogen production platform uses electrolysis of water for hydrogen production and is powered by renewable electricity from surrounding wind farms.

The collaboration leverages RWE’s leadership in renewable energy and ISC’s unique competencies in offshore wind farm substation engineering, resulting in valuable insights and recommendations for the feasibility of an offshore hydrogen production platform powered by wind energy.

The collaboration represents a significant step forward in the development of detailed designs for commercial-scale hydrogen production platforms. It highlights the potential of offshore hydrogen production as a viable contributor to a sustainable energy future.

The collaboration is a testament to the joint commitment to accelerate the sustainable conversion of global energy consumption, reducing our common climate footprint, and challenging and moving the notions of what is possible in renewable energy.

The primary objectives of the collaboration are to achieve the following

  • Create a thorough conceptual blueprint for the electrolysis process and take advantage of the benefits of scaling up
  • Assess various Balance of Plant (BOP) technologies and layouts to minimize the environmental impact
  • Size and estimate costs for the process equipment, power train, and power electronics
  • Engineer a 3D detailed conceptual design for the production platform’s process, piping, electrical and structural elements
  • Evaluate the technical and economical viability of the design
  • Identify possible technical, operational, and supply chain difficulties and risks
  • Establish an Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI) project timeline and budget

About the team

With its global presence across the entire value chain, from project conception and development to construction, operation, and maintenance, RWE is actively involved in developing innovative hydrogen technologies.

ISC is a preferred engineering consultant in the field of new and innovative solutions to renewable offshore energy developers and EPCIs. Based on decades of design experience and development of offshore installations in wind energy and oil & gas, ISC is a world leader in the design of offshore substations.

The joint effort in developing a detailed conceptual design demonstrates both companies’ commitment to innovation and sustainability in the energy industry.