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Gunfleet Sands
ISC has undertaken the design of both the topside and the foundation for the substation…
We designed the world's first substation for Nysted. Nysted was one of the world's largest…
Lille Langebro
Pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the inner harbor in extension of Vester Voldgade just south…
Northwester 2
Bladt Industries, together with ISC Rådgivend Ingeniører A/S and Semco Maritime, has entered into a…
Arcadis Ost 1
Sustainable energy to approximately 300.000 German households.
Coastal Virginia
The largest offshore wind farm in the US will generate sustainable energy for approximately 660.000…
CPH Airport CSC Phase ӏӏ
A central element in the "Expanding CPH" growth plan, which must ensure a capacity increase…
Triton Knoll
Detailed design of Transition Piece for the Triton Knoll.
West Of Duddon Sands
ISC has carried out detailed design of the topside and jacket on the substation West…
Mercantec – Viborg
ISC Consulting Engineers A/S has in collaboration with Cubo Arkitekter, Møller & Grønborg A/S, Dansk…
Holbæk Sports Village
Multi hall with 2 handball courts with fixed spectator seats, racket hall, swimming hall with…
Gode Wind 1
ISC has carried out detailed design of the topside and jacket on the Gode Wind…
Baltic 1
Baltic 1 will be the first commercial wind farm in Germany. ISC has carried out…
Tyra Field II
Detailed design of jackets and piles for the redeveloped Tyra II.
Vineyard Offshore Wind Farm
The Vineyard Offshore Wind Farm will generate sustainably energy to power around 400.000 households in…
Nordsee One
52 wind turbines will supply green energy to approximately 400.000 German households.
Mayflower Offshore Wind Farm
Clean energy to approximately half a million homes in the state of Massachusetts.
Blight Bank Phase 2
165 MW of sustainable energy for approximately 186.000 Belgian households.
Sundrop Farm South Australia
As subcontractor we delivered construction calculations for the project in South Australia.
Northwind provides sustainable power for approximately 250.000 households.
Walney 1 & 2
Walney 1 & 2 is located in the British part of the Irish Sea. The…
Baltic Power
Clean energy for 1.5 million homes in Poland.
Albatros will provide approximately 710.000 households in Germany with sustainable power annually.
Complete detail design of primary and secondary structures.
Dan Bravo Rationalization
The Dan Bravo platform rationalization concept is to deman the Dan Bravo Complex (achieve unmanned…
Kriegers Flak
Kriegers Flak connects Denmark's and Germany's electric grid.
Halfdan BD
The Halfdan field in the Danish North Sea sector has been expanded.
Sustainable energy for approximately 400,000 households.
Borkum Riffgrund 1
Borkum Riffgrund 1 will be located 38 km North of the German island of Borkum.
Nordsee Ost
Nordsee Ost has a capacity of 295 MW and provides nearly 320,000 German households with…
Gode Wind 2
ISC has carried out detailed design of the topside and jacket on Gode Wind 2…
Moray East
With a capacity of 950 MW sustainable energy corresponding to approx. 950,000 households' consumption in…
Snekkersten Waterworks
In collaboration with our team, we have won the competition regarding construction of a new…
Oil Terminal Frederikshavn
74,400 cubic meter turnkey tank terminal in Frederikshavn.
Triton Knoll 1 & 2
Triton Knoll will provide sustainable energy to more than 800.000 UK households.
Sandbank Offshore Wind Farm
288 MW of clean energy in the German North Sea.
Princess Amalia
Prinsesse Amalia Offshore Wind Farm is located 23 km off the Dutch shore.
Kaskasi II
Kaskasi ӏӏ will be able to generate sustainable energy to approximately 400,000 German households.
Maersk Drilling JU-rig
The ME field in Norway was rebuilt in 2008-2010 by Talisman. A storage tank was…
The first offshore wind farm in the US capable of delivering sustainable energy to more…
Borkum Riffgrund 2
Borkum Riffgrund 2 is located 38 km North of the German island of Borkum, adjacent…
Rigshospitalet North Wing
"Nordfløjen" (the North Wing) a new building for treatment at Rigshospitalet - a highly specialised…
Hai Long 2 & 3
The Hai Long will be able to generate 1044 MW of sustainable energy for Taiwan.
Horns Rev 2
Horns Rev 2 has a capacity of 209 MW providing sustainable energy for approximately 200.000…
Lillgrund offshore wind farm is the first Swedish wind farm and consists of 48 wind…
Tyra Southeast B Platform
Tyra Southeast B platform installed next to the Southeast A platform.
Hornsea 2
The world's largest offshore wind farm with 1320 MW capacity powering 1,4 million homes.
Maersk Drilling XLE rigs
Maersk Drilling XLE rigs are a series of four ultra harsh environment jackup drilling rigs.
Future housing for children and young people with autism.

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