ISC is a leading engineering company who offers consulting services within different engineering disciplines. We are specialized in the markets of wind energy, construction, infrastructure, oil & gas and industry.

Renewable Energy

Thoroughness and pioneering for more than 55 years We at ISC have always taken pride in doing things properly and thoroughly. Simultaniously we are pushing the boundaries of engineering. One does not exclude the other. Within renewable energy, it is crucial that you dare to and can innovate – the industry has wind in its […]

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Oil & Gas

45 years of consulting in the sector We provide consulting engineering services for a large variety of disciplines and areas within the oil & gas business and have more than 45 years of experience from providing engineering for many projects. The projects are framing both offshore and onshore oil & gas installations, i.e. from offshore […]

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Experienced supplier of solutions within construction We focus on sustainability, and our advisory services are wide-ranging. Interacting with the customer, we find the best solutions for complex and classic buildings. Schools, care centers, daycare centers, homes, hospitals, sports centers, and businesses. These tasks are just a tiny part of our construction department’s activities. Because as […]

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More than 55 years of experience We provide services within the traditional infrastructure disciplines, including bridges, roads, ports, railways, metro, airports, and utilities. Over 55 years, we have accumulated unique competencies for solving major complex national and international infrastructure projects. Infrastructure binds society together. Therefore infrastructural building solutions must take place with the least possible […]

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Every project has it’s own starting point We carry out tasks at all stages of the project’s phases, from the early study, through sketching and detailed design to implementation of the solution. We can contribute to planning and project development, design, procurement, implementation, and commissioning. We integrate several engineering disciplines in industry and process that […]

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ISC Consulting Engineers A/S

We are a leading engineering company who offers consulting services within different engineering disciplines. We are specialized in the areas of renewable energy, infrastructure, buildings, oil & gas and industry.


Today, we have more than 230 employees, where nearly 70% of them are engineers.

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Branch Offices

We have 8 branches in 7 cities in Denmark with headquarters in Copenhagen.

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Since the companys was founded, we have been involved in more than 1000 projects globally.

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