Experienced supplier of solutions within construction

We focus on sustainability, and our advisory services are wide-ranging. Interacting with the customer, we find the best solutions for complex and classic buildings.

Schools, care centers, daycare centers, homes, hospitals, sports centers, and businesses. These tasks are just a tiny part of our construction department’s activities. Because as an engineering company with solid competencies in both the area of ​​load-bearing structures and installations, we master the skeleton of the building and the internal climate. This combination enables us to handle virtually all types of tasks. And that makes us a strong player in the industry. Therefore, we have many exciting and developing projects behind us and just as many in the coming time.

What can we do for you?

We offer advice on your construction projects in all phases – from the earliest preparations to the first sod laying to the travel party:

  • Concept proposal & construction program
  • Project management and ICT management
  • Disposition and project proposal
  • Authority project
  • Tender project
  • Implementation project
  • Project follow-up during construction and delivery
  • Professional supervision during execution and delivery
  • Construction management during execution and delivery
  • Working environment coordination (P+B)

We use the latest technology to solve the tasks and work in accordance with the authorities’ requirements for digital construction.

Sustainability and green energy

Just like in all other parts of the industry, the construction industry also fights to protect the environment and carry out construction that meets the UN’s criteria for sustainability. We are proud to be a part of that fight at ISC, where all engineering disciplines work focused on a greener future. Our offshore department works daily to develop innovative solutions in the field of wind energy, and in construction, we offer advice according to DGNB, the Danish sustainability certification system.

Fire, statics, and DGNB employees in-house.

In addition to employees with competencies to advise construction according to the DGNB system (DGNB consultant), we also offer certified employees within fire (BK2) and statics (KK Tredjepartskontrol). Continuous control ensures an efficient and flexible handling of the building by the authorities.

We provide top-class advice by focusing on cooperation on the task.

We carry out many of our tasks as turnkey contractors in collaboration with other skilled engineers, contractors, and architects. We have no permanent business partners and are therefore always open to forming teams with other competent companies in the industry. Also, in this context, our form of advice is always based on the specific task, and we offer the following types of advice:

  • Engineering advice
    The total advisor function incl. engineering services
    Builder advice

Phases in Construction

We can take care of the all phases in construction. Get in touch to find out how we can help your specific needs.


We offer engineering advice for classic construction and more complex structures and surrounding facilities.