45 years of consulting in the sector

We provide consulting engineering services for a large variety of disciplines and areas within the oil & gas business and have more than 45 years of experience from providing engineering for many projects. The projects are framing both offshore and onshore oil & gas installations, i.e. from offshore production facilities topsides, bridges, jackets, cranes, modification of drilling rigs, oil refinery, gas terminals and oil tank farms.

Established partnerships

We have over the years had the pleasure of collaborating with different clients which in many cases have led to long-term contracts. Our long-term collaborations have resulted in successfully executed projects and our development of unique industry know-how.

Specialized competencies

Our employees hold unique and solid competencies which can be assigned to work on various oil & gas projects from multi-disciplinary concept studies, front end engineering design (FEED), detailed design, mechanical completion, commissioning, documentation, maintenance associated greenfield and brownfield installations and late-life decommissioning services. ISC provides independent engineering both directly for the operators as well as for EPCI contractors domestically and abroad e.g. Norway and Arabian Gulf.

Alex Peter Søndergaard

Alex Søndergaard

VP Offshore Oil & Gas


Design (PFDs, P&IDs and C&Es) for authority approval, detailed process design for fabrication & installation, detailed process calculation related to equipment, heat & mass balance and process simulations static and dynamic.


HAZID, HAZOP, HIRA risk analysis/assessment, project-specific safety philosophy, process hazard assessments, pipeline protection systems, risk identification of special operations, design calculation for area classification, preparation for functional safety and safety integrity level (SIL) assessment, escape, evacuation & rescue analysis (EERA) and HSE design aspects.


Vessel design, launcher/receiver design, pump design specification, valves design specification, compressor design specification and HVAC unit specification.


Design covers the full range of pressure rating, temperature ranging, flanges, materials and equipment. System integrity from piping stress and flexibility analysis to validate piping layout, expansion loops, pipe support, static load, reaction loads such as bridge movement, slug load, relief valves, flow-induced vibration (FIV), fatigue assessment and nozzle loads.


Design of low voltage and high voltage electrical systems, transformers, motors, frequency converters, UPS systems, generator systems, lighting systems, all types of connected electrical equipment, HVAC systems and ATEX Area Classification.


Design of control systems (SCADA/DCS), safety systems ESD, HIPS and Fire & Gas Systems. Hardware and software interfaces, safety system interfaces and communication systems. Functional safety and safety integrity level (SIL) for field instrumentation.

Structural Topside

Design and calculations include primary, secondary and tertiary steel structures on topsides, bridges, design of D.O.P. structures, design of fire- and blast walls, design of pipe support and pipe support structures, sea-transport supporting structures and design lifting and handling arrangement and procedures for handling modules down to equipment.

Structural Substructures

Design and calculations of Jackets, risers, caissons, conductors and extensive calculations of existing structures and pushover analyses.

Mechanical Completion & Commissioning

Offshore hook-up and commissioning planning of oil & gas installations, decommissioning. Utilising completion management system planning, project information management system and preparing commissioning/start-up activities.

Maintenance and Documentation

Preventive maintenance and documentation activities, establishing master data and implementation of preventive plans to support maintenance and maintaining documentation as built.

We offer a wide range of services

We offer a wide range of services to the offshore and marine industry from fixed and floating oil and gas installations, onshore oil and gas facilities, modifications and extensions to offshore drilling rigs and drill ships, vessels, offshore wind farms, ports, etc.