Wind energy – a sustainable source of energy

In the fight for a greener future, wind energy as a renewable and sustainable energy source plays a major and significant role in our future energy supply. Both on- and offshore, wind energy has already proved its worth as an important part of the energy supply, both now and in the future. Offshore wind energy is currently one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world. Both in Europe, in Asia, and on the American East Coast, the planned and ongoing offshore wind energy projects show that the wind energy sector is facing an impressive growth over the next 10 years.

In the industry since 2003

ISC entered the offshore wind industry with the development and design of the world’s first substation for the offshore wind farm Nysted Offshore Wind Farm, located in the Baltic Sea. Since then, ISC has provided innovative solutions to clients in Europe, Asia, and the United States on the design of more than 43 offshore substations, as well as on projects related to offshore wind turbine foundations. Based on our impressive portfolio of successfully completed projects, we are prepared to help our clients on the journey of growth within the future of offshore wind, with innovative consultancy within the complete detailed design of both offshore substations and wind turbine foundations.

60% of the market for offshore substations

In collaboration with clients and partners, ISC always strives to find the best and most effective solution that balances CAPEX and OPEX for our clients over the life of the wind farm. Our unique and professional competencies as engineers with expert knowledge in the design of the main elements in offshore wind farms, make us a preferred consultant in offshore wind energy worldwide. This has resulted in ISC taking a leading role in the market, with a market share of having designed approx. 60% of all manufactured offshore substations.

We consult within all phases of the project

At ISC, we provide independent consultancy, both directly to owners of wind farms and developers as well as to EPCI contractors.

ISC’s key competence in the design of substations lies in our ability to carry out all necessary tasks associated with a substation design. This covers all phases from FEED / concept design through detailed design, documents for tender, assistance during manufacture, installation, and commissioning as well as following phases such as supervision and follow-up.

Energy optimization from water to land

Offshore substations play an important role for larger offshore wind farms. The essence of an offshore substation lies in the ability to collect and maximize the energy produced in the wind turbines. Thereby, large amounts of potential energy losses can be significantly reduced, and as a result, larger amounts of electricity can be exported to land.

Expertise from more than 43 offshore substations

Our team of engineers has a unique specialist knowledge in the design, development, and execution of offshore substations. This knowledge is based on the designs of 43 successful and well-executed substations, located on large sea areas globally. This means that our engineers have solid experience in collaborating with clients from all over the world. Here it is clear that the best results are created in a collaboration between client, partners, and our multidisciplinary team of engineers.

Offshore wind turbine foundations

ISC offers advice in the design of foundations for wind turbines (WTG). Our expertise in the field derives from 15 years of experience in the design of offshore structures. In addition, we have been involved in the design of wind turbine foundations on 30+ projects. We have experience of working with local authorities throughout Europe to create solutions that are regulatory approved and in accordance with local regulations.

Foundations for different water depths

Our experience has given us extensive knowledge in the offshore area in relation to WTG foundations. This covers various types of underwater structures, including types as monopile, gravity and jacket.

ISC provides independent engineering both directly for wind farm owners and developers as well as for EPCI contractors.